Meet Isaac Stone Simonelli:

the man behind Dice Travels

THIS is Isaac Stone Simonelli tuning in for a quick rundown of the man behind Dice Travels.


After several years as the managing editor for a weekly print newspaper and online news portal in Phuket, Thailand, I have cast the dice and launched Dice Travels.

Having ridden camels through the deserts of Timbuktu, juggled fire in the streets of Europe, plunged into the depths of the Red Sea and climbed the limestone cliff faces of Thailand, it is time to shake the dust off of my office life and embark on another adventure.

In conjunction with Dice Travels, this one-man media junky will be launching “Simonelli’s Travelling Magic Show”, as a way to breakthrough language barriers, earn good will and hopefully put a little extra cash in my pockets. (Though I have developed into a jack of many trades in my 30 years on this planet, the art of saving – even for awesome trips – is not one of the skills I’ve mastered.)

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