How NERVE works: Money can make all the difference on whether or not something falls within the 40-60% 'why the fuck not' range. Help stack the dice against me by loading it up with dangerous, weird or disguesting IDEAS.

(Like me too much? Bid for something a bit more charitabe like a Dice Travels Magic Show at a local orphanage.)

Check the list of donations* to get your idea on the dice. Don't see what you want? Pitch the idea and what it's worth to you.

Once a week, we'll roll the die and see who's donation will come to fruition. AND don't worry, we'll catch the roll and the following deed on tape -- even dedicating it to you, if you want ;)

* Please note which NERVE challenge you're selecting when you make the donation.

  1. Spend a night with a ladyboy -- that's not a euphanism ($22) [Thailand Only]

  2. Eat fire ($18)

  3. Breath fire ($9)

  4. Juggline cacti (no gloves) ($10)

  5. Eat only bugs for three days straight ($19) [Thailand Only]

  6. Put on magic show at local scool or orphange ($50)

  7. Send a post card to you ($5)

  8. Don't sleep for 48 hours ($23)

  9. Fast for three days ($42)

  10. Juggle three large sharp objects ($14)

  11. Volunteer for a week ($100)

  12. Run a half marathon ($16)

  13. Take a homeless person out for a nice meal ($14)

  14. Go on as many Tinder dates as possible in 24 hours ($24)

  15. Pop a wheelie on the motorcyle -- I've never done this before ($27)

  16. Brazilian wax job ($28)

  17. You tell me.... ($xx)

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The Proposition

THE premise is simple: Allow die roles to determine the majority of decisions faced while motorbiking throughout the world with a limited budget for an entire year.

  It’s 365 days of tempting fate, enticing serendipity and letting go of free will – if such things exist at all.

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