What we carry

We carry so much more than stuff on our shoulders, but a pile of stuff is easier to picture. Photo: Isaac Stone Simonelli

GROWING up as a Dungeons & Dragon role playing enthusiast, it's obvious to me that an inventory list is mandatory for any adventure.

How else will you know if you have enough potions of healing or didn't forget to pack your +2 magic sword of dexterity? So here's a nearly complete list for the Dice Travels adventure.

[Since composing this list, some things have already been ditched, and others have been packed in different locations – Ed]

Tank Bag:

2 decks of cards

2 gimmick decks

Multiplying coin trick

Fake thumb

Lighter fluid

Energy gels

Thermos of coconut oil


Uno deck

Selfie stick

Paring knife



Set of dice: d20, d20, d12, d10, d8 d6 and d4

Backup dice: d20, d20, d12, d10, d8 d6 and d4

Finger workout device – For climbing, get your mind out of the gutter.

Map of SE Asia

Headphones – bluetooth headphones that I can't get to work, plus the bluetooth headphones I accidentally bought to replace the set I couldn't get to work, which, of course, I also can't get to work.

Magnifying glass

Drawing pencils

Sketch pad

2 notebooks

2 pens

1000D Cannon camera – It's the best I could afford, though I'm struggling to get it to do what I need.

18-55mm lens

55-250mm lens

17-85mm lens

Measuring tape – Got to keep track of how fat I'm getting

Day bag

SE Asia Lonely Planet

SE Asia phrasebook

Book: The Castle


Metal puzzles


2 old copies of The Sun magazine

Top Box:

Running shoes

Peanut butter

2 cans of sardines

12V universal charger

Climbing shoes


Rain pants

Rain jacket


Side Box 1:

Climbing harness

12V mini air pump

2 pointy nose pliers


Ratchet sockets for bike

3 allen wrenches for bike


2 screwdrivers

Cable ties



2 locking carabiner


Tire repair kit

Books: The Tigers's Wife, Zen of Juggling, The Craft of Clarity, Forbidden City

Dress shoes

Fishing stringer

4 hooks

A few sinkers

1 float

16lb fishing line


Shoe polish

Chain grease



Paint brushes – Were ditched before I left Phuket Town.


Sealing wax

Wax Seal

Magic tricks: nestling balls, nest of wallets, moving whole punch, loops, PK rings, double-sided cards, linking rings, linking finger rings, coins, fake thumbs, Reveal, five gimmick decks... and so on.

16 decks of cards

Replacement cards

Watercolor pad – Ditched before I left Phuket Town/

Watercolors – Carried them throughout my travels of Europe, as well as Egypt. Ditched before leaving Phuket Town.

Energy gel packs – So many energy gel packs

Side Box 2:

Phantom 3 Standard Drone and chargers

Action camera harnesses

12V laptop charger


Pur Drinking water filtration system

Aqua Lung scuba diving mask

WhisperLite camp stove – not tested (haven't found fuel for it yet)

S95 Camera – charger has gone missing. Can't find a replacement in Phuket, but hopeful I'll track one down eventually.


North Face hoodie

Safari-style long-sleeved shirt

Patterned dress shirt

White dress shirt

5 T-shirts

8 Pairs of underwear

2 ties

2 bow ties


Dress pants

2 pairs of shorts

Swim trunks



Long-sleeve, under-layer shirt


Sleeping bag


8 pairs of socks

3 fire juggling clubs

Sword – technically for juggling, but seriously, who doesn't want to start an epic adventure without a sword?


Yoga mat

First aid kit




Wet wipes

Bug spray

Bug burning coils


Laundry detergent sheets

Socket converters


Charger cords

electrical tape


Wallet of Fire

Smart Phone

Garmin Vivo HR

Id Tracker medical/identification bracelet

White T-shirt



Adventure rider boots

Mesh riding pants

Additional knee pads

Back guard

Simonelli's Traveling Magic Show motorcycle jacket

Adventure touring helmet

Action camera

Dice Travels hat

Superhero buff


The Proposition

THE premise is simple: Allow die roles to determine the majority of decisions faced while motorbiking throughout the world with a limited budget for an entire year.      It’s 365 days of tempting fate, enticing serendipity and letting go of free will – if such things exist at all.

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