Day 13: Oh, the way you roll ;)

I became ablaze at the thought: I am right: I must always obey the dice. Lead where they will, I must follow. All power to the die!" -- Luke Rhinehart, Dice Man. Photo: Steve Johnson

LET the dice take charge. Take the chance of being pushed outside of your comfort zone. The rules are simple. Once you roll the dice, there is no backing out. So take a look at today’s list and make sure you can follow through.

(If you know the routine, skip to the bottom and roll that die… Let us know how it goes.)

Without a doubt, some of these will be outside your comfort zone – that’s kind of the point – while some will be well within it. Cleaning between your toes hardly sounds like a daunting task. However, it may break up your daily routine, as would singing in public or buying a stranger a coffee.

There is a great deal of established science promoting the benefits of breaking habits and being pushed outside of your comfort zone. Nonetheless, the science also notes that a person’s comfort zone isn’t a bad thing. A comfort zone is simply a psychological state that most people tend toward; leaving it increases risk and anxiety.

“Paradoxically, taking risks actually increases our safety and comfort. Sudden danger lurks everywhere – losing our jobs, being struck by a car, contracting a mortal illness. A cowering, protective approach to life doesn’t reduce the peril. It only serves to make us slaves to fear and victims of constant anxiety,” writes Arno Ilgner in The Rock Warrior Way.

“The safety, comfort and security we crave aren’t objective states. They are subjective feelings that come through increasing our understanding of our world and our capabilities. In short, we gain comfort and security by expanding our comfort zones, and we expand our comfort zones by venturing into the risk zone. We make ourselves uncomfortable and insecure for a short time in order to learn what we’re capable of. We can’t directly attain comfort and security; we must strive for them indirectly.”

Though Ilgner has a point, we can take it too far. We can go beyond optimal anxiety and reach a point where we are too stressed and our performance deteriorates. There is a tipping point that many adrenaline junkies crave to caress: the all-consuming void created by panic. You don’t have to jump out of a helicopter into the virgin powder snow of a mountain peak in Switzerland to reach this point. For some, it could be simply standing up in public and speaking.

“We need a place of productive discomfort,” explains Daniel H. Pink, the author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. “If you’re too comfortable, you’re not productive. And if you’re too uncomfortable, you’re not productive. Like Goldilocks, we can’t be too hot or too cold.”

So let’s give up a little control, and let the dice move us toward optimal anxiety, or at least see what tiny changes in our lives they have in store for us.

It’s not like we’re being asked to cross the Rubicon.


1) Put in words one of your most dark and twisted thoughts... send it to DT if you want

2) Sleep on the ground

3) Wear a silly hat

4) Play badmitten

5) Tell someone a joke

6) Write down the highlights of your life by decade

Alternative (If one of the above needs to be replaced before rolling):

7) Tell someone about Dice Travels

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