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Rob was ready to leave his job and begin his Dice Life. Video: Rob

SO ISAAC Stone Simonelli isn't the only Dice Man rolling is way around the world. Check out what Rob's got rattling around in his head:

What’s your journey about?

I’m travelling the world and using the roll of a dice to determine what I should do and where I should go. I list options and assign numbers to those options. Whatever the dice says I should do, I follow.

How did it start?

It all started around 15 years ago, when I read the novel The Diceman by Luke Rhinehart, in which a bored psychotherapist decides to leave his decisions up to the fate of the dice. Things get a little out of hand in the novel, but it was an inspiring idea and seemed like a very liberating way to live.

I’d dabbled with “dice life” throughout the years, but only over relatively minor things. This time, I put to the dice “should I quit my job and travel?”

I rolled the dice. The dice said “Yes”. I felt empowered.

So I quit my job.

Why are you doing it?

I was feeling a little disillusioned with life and looking to find out if there was something else in this world where I felt a greater sense of belonging and purpose. I’d talked about the idea of long-term travel for some time, but never found myself able to go through with it.

My aim is to go on a life changing journey, whereby leaving major decisions up to the dice, which brings about a sense of chance, and perhaps fate, to how the journey pans out.

Would this result in a greater sense of purpose and self-discovery?

Who knows, but I’m going to give it a try.

Where did your trip start?

Again, the dice decided.

I gave myself a few options for starting points – initially, all relatively accessible places in Southeast Asia: Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Hanoi.

The dice instructed me to head to Bangkok, so I immediately booked my first flight.

I’d felt paralyzed by indecision in the past and, although I felt like travel would broaden my horizons, I was always terrified to make the first step. The dice liberated me of this feeling. All of a sudden I knew what I had to do. Just one step at a time.

And so it began.

How have the dice treated you so far?

So far, I have to say the dice has treated me well. I’ve seen some amazing places and met some incredible people. I often think of how powerful the dice can be, in the sense that if I’d rolled a different number on the first roll, how different my life would be.

So far, the dice has sent me through Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, and put me through various arduous journeys on different routes; sometimes exiling myself from people I’ve built strong relationships with, but for every potential negative scenario, there are so many positives that have come out of these.

Do you make all of my decisions based on the dice?

No. Not yet, at least. I decide when to use the dice.

I sometimes roll the dice in the morning and ask whether I should use the dice on that day or not.

Other times, I just decide that a set of options warrant a dice roll and these situations could relate to:

What to eat?

Whether to get drunk?

Who to hang out with?

Where to go to next?

How long to stay?

Where to stay?

What method of transport I should take?

What activities to involve myself in?

How should I act towards a person?

Should I eat that scorpion?

Would you recommend dice life?

Absolutely. It’s been an incredibly liberating and life-changing experience. There’s so much more still to come. I haven’t put an end date on the trip and the dice will no doubt decide when / if it should end.

I’m excited to be on this journey and I hope this can inspire others to live the “dice life”, just as I have done already with dozens of people on my travels.

What rules do you need to follow?

The key thing about Dice Life” is that rather than procrastinate over indecision, it forces you to make a decision. In my mind, any decision is better than indecision. It also encourages you to engage in things that would be out of your comfort zone, and therefore expands your horizons dramatically.

There’s one key rule though: Never put anything down as an option that you’re not willing to do. You must obey the dice, or it all falls apart.

Hope you join the movement and get rolling...

What's the best way for people to follow your adventures?

Please check out my website (here) at to keep up to date with how my journey is going or check out my YouTube channel (here).

se check out my website at to keep up to date with how my journey is going or check out my YouTube channel at

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The Proposition

THE premise is simple: Allow die roles to determine the majority of decisions faced while motorbiking throughout the world with a limited budget for an entire year.      It’s 365 days of tempting fate, enticing serendipity and letting go of free will – if such things exist at all.

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