Day 356: German Princess Rolls Back into Dice Travels

It's strange what the dice tell you to do. Photo: PixaBay

Daily Updates are not edited and function more as daily journal entries – so if the plot seems to be all over the place or missing entirely and the tenses changes faster than a kaleidoscope, well, that's just the way it is.

THERE'S a message from Linda.

“Is there an offer for tonight? Otherwise, I'm going to spend the night at the home,” she writes.

I read the message several times before getting into the shower.

I'm not sure what to do.

Within hours of getting back to Nairobi, I had managed to uncover her contact information through Dennis, the friend she was with in Kilifi.

“Hey! It's Isaac! I can't believe I forgot to get you on FB before I left, especially since we're supposed to go to this dairy farm. Also, such a great thing you didn't go on this adventure. I've been trying to get to Nairobi since you last saw me. Arrived two hours ago,” I wrote as soon as I found my phone, which Chris had left at Lovince's place for me.

“Hey! (You own a phone?!) Oh no... so I passed you by bus. Sorry, I haven't noticed that. Otherwise, I would have waved ;)... BTW you are a 34-min ride away. In case you want to cuddle or the useful reason: you need a place to store some things, you're welcome at every time.”

The banter continued, but I failed to make an offer to have her come in and meet me. Instead, I went out on a movie date last night with an American girl. Fresh to Kenya, she's a photojournalist for the International Refugee Committee, the people who bought my very first drone footage. A mutual friend of ours was creeping on Facebook and saw we were both in Nairobi. The chemistry was great, the potential for a future even more attractive.

I towel dry my body and wander into the bedroom to find my dice. I'm going to make this simple: If it's an even number, I'm going to invite Linda to come hangout out. Otherwise, it's more of this shuffling around.

The die tumbles onto the bed.

Linda was already not happy about how much I let the dice control my life – not that I'm going to tell her about this roll.

“So a dice is able to decide if I get cuddled or not... what a world!” she wrote not too long ago.

This is Dice Travels, I had tried to explain.

The die comes to a rest. It's a six.

“Well... We're thinking of going to a music video launch if you want to join!” I write.

“With or without cuddles?” she wants to know.

“Well, I assume you'd spend the night, which would involve cuddles.”

“'We' could also be another woman who's interested in something... that's why I asked ;) Don't want to ruin some dreams.”

“Hahaha, just my buddy. Our friend who is a girl is also joining us, but I'm not doing any dreaming that doesn't concern my bike.”

And so, Linda rolled back into my life that evening, quickly becoming my German Princess.

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